Painting our Motorcycle

Removing decalsGoodbye Honda DecalMarie Removing DecalsGoo Gone!SandingSanding the gas tank
Wash with Soap and WaterSpray BoothPrimerSafety FirstApplying the primerIMG_0407
Priming the gas tankA primed gas tankApplying the paintApplying the black paintA Flat Black Gas TankReassembling the Bike
Our Flat Black Nighthawk

Painting our Motorcycle , a set on Flickr.

We weren’t satisfied with our “Poison Video” Red Nighthawk, so we decided we’d learn how to tear down and repaint the tank and fairings.

Via Flickr:
Our shiny, red Honda Nighthawk just wasn’t cutting it. We decided we needed to paint the baby flat black. This set documents our process of the transformation.

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